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Angry (interlude)

from by Solillaquists of Sound



Who that stepping? My hands are weapons, tacking you... Get up!

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Yo, you wouldn't like it when I'm angry. My position's elevated well beyond the mainstream. Call me incredible, but, credit it to my fighting etiquette. I'm a veteran of being better than my opposing opponent. I'm hungry. Simpletons try, but, they don't know me. Tearing limbs off then tossing competition of the richter. It's a picture Kodak can't frame, or, fix the moments of torment I will deliver like, aaaaahhhhhh! Bring it to my plateau. Injuring your ligaments, I'm bending em in fast mo, natural. I possess a spirit of the past yo, repeating your beating like BLAOW!!!


VERSE 2 (Swamburger):
I'll counter your every amount of delivery. Best to get it straight before you step into the ring with me. Call the Warden, I'm warning y'all to stay alert, there's no telling what can happen once the beast emerges. Urges of danger anger me even more now. Got no time for holding back, bring it on it's war now. "War child", stalking my prey, releasing the Hulk out. Raghhhh, raghhh, raghhhh,  demons I will stomp out. Forget me not if  I appear to be losing it, I'm choosing to play my cards with a suitable conclusion. Chewing up contestants testing my patience. Days into the training, I become a contagious RAAAGGGEEE. 
Rage with no mercy, I'm thirsty for the gratification of a fight, willing my power to grow amongst the duration of the night. If so, you'll have to kill me like...


from The 4th Wall (part 2), released January 11, 2014
(A. Brooks/G. Valencia, Jr.)



all rights reserved


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