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I am the beauty fooling you.
Make it easy to forget.
Where you are in the…
Who you are in the…
Why you cry in the…
How we die from a…
Pent up in a scripted scene,
Through the tune and you
Can’t see all of me without the…

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Prepare your mask, disguise your best. Dress for the occasion to hide the rest. Test your flesh goal. Impress the crowd with glitter, cause all of it is gold. Sold. You want in. Told the truth, but, the lie is amusing for the youth and it's union, yielding congruent conclusions towards a masqueraded view fit for soothing a itch to flip the scroll. On some ole, "I won't miss this opportunity to puzzle the mass. I'm in it for the love and a brand new mask. Ask the common pop what I look like on top of the hollow flock. Get a pic! Click, Click.... Shit!"
Face this, some faced off the basic value behind a face to face dim light and found light to save face but the dark side of that same face remained plight. Right?


VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Tight in the innermost depth of
Deception, subtle, quiet.
Stages of cover-up never let up.
Was I who incited it?
Sat in a field, armor beside me.
Sunlight it shined, breeze new delight
Brings tears to my eyes,
All I had hidden.
It was I who decided to permit.
You see, why, would I hide from
Who I’d die for?

OUTRO (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
Yo, taking the timing to let out my beautiful benefit, giving it all of my intimate innermost suitable intricacies, while I'm out to buy a pitiful moment to pivot the honor of living you'll see in the people that dive in a box. Transform into me.


from The 4th Wall (part 2), released January 11, 2014
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Guitar & Synth: Sean Kantrowitz



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