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Rush the paper flood the street, Jesus isn't white
2012 is looking tipsy, eager suicide
Nostradamus strikes again, don't believe the hype
Settle for your bliss opinion, nature still decides boy
You're running scared but ain't no hiding in the bosom of destruction
Rebirth to nothing.. We stuck assumptions in the pot of glutton 
and breeding the something we can all deny
But don't you try to say we tried when man made this his outcome

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Economic promise gone. Failure to respond beyond the shadow of a doubt amounts to more mistakes, a public race against the end of saving face,
know your place and time.. 
We're losing our position, vision, niche, and human mind
Signs I see it. Be it, be gone forever, 
whether or not it belongs to people as a better guess to change...
Yes, yes, yes.. They don't promote success unless 
the monkey in the suit address the rest... Man made this his outcome.

The earth's got a tell
Poker facial blush in brail
Finger pointing blame again, flushing out while aiming in..
Tailor made for reconstruction
Stress the question, "why you fronting?"
It begins, the wage of sin.
The cover cost of dissonance was paid in full to credit cool
The planet's worth is love. How's this, how's this work from gods above?
I saw you crush the one you trust
Dollar bills replace your worth cause all that glitter ain't gold
We should learn before we're told
Man made this his outcome

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Why try so hard to be who you are not
Admist the poverty, depression, yelling,
Anger, punching, drunken fights closing in.
Dishonest, disloyal, discourage, disease,
Disparate, distant, desperate, and
Devilish degrees of tyranny.
Intolerant, intensely inconsiderate,
Illiterate, excluded, excessive, exposed.
Disgusted, disguised, exploited, avoided,
Denied, repressed aggression, explode.
Man made this his outcome
Obligation killing quality enjoyment,
Unrelenting, pent up feelings
He can’t deal with.
She sits aside, watching, clocking time adjacent,
Why is every helpful step drenched in hesitation.
Guess work, knee jerk, thoughtless remarks,
Marksmen can’t find the bullseye of the problems
That they start.
At the one, we’ll see, the future’s where we be from
And we will say that
Man made this his outcome



from The 4th Wall (part 2), released January 11, 2014
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Beatbox: Swamburger
Horn Arrangement: Beef Wellington
Additional Sounds & Bass FX : Doug Wimbish



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