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The Art of Defeat

from by Solillaquists of Sound



VERSE 1 (Alexandrah):
What is that thing we do connect
In that moment
That keeps us silent?
If you talk out when they fall…
You get my feeling, et al?
And words can’t save you now.
Member how you used to do?

VERSE 2 (Swamburger):
And the world says to me.... Line em up by the crime you want done the least
to society. Try to be honest, but, promise me the homage to relief. 
"You can't save the world. Don't even try, it's just a hope at a t---." 
Did we teach mediocrity, or, shoot for the sky? Hang down your head ahead
at the peak of the problem, you can never conquer the art of... Find another,
before you saw when nobody's happy. Stare at the family with the biggest trouble
passionately and smother your dreams with subtle distractions of grief
for the others who never made it nor displayed for us, to replay the day we coulda, woulda, but, didn't because we gotta excuse for everything.

"Oh, I didn't know this was a song about the opposite. I’m a get the next one, 
play it again. I didn't hear what you said, I'm serious.... Curious to the point, 
for real man, say it again."

VERSE 3 (Alexandrah):
No control, you don't own me
But as they struggle, no one speaks

When do
We let the world be what it be?
Undo, undo.

VERSE 4 (Swamburger)
Now that you've been told by the planet to plan for defeat, greet your fellow relief with a winning animosity. Probably just a quality you pocket to keep, stop and repeat, don't fear your guilty alarm and retreat. Stay negative if you wanna survive in the street. Tell me, how does it feel to be a common elite? Cause, these are the people in your neighborhood, but, it's all good when things rough, as you know, they could.


from The 4th Wall (part 2), released January 11, 2014
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)



all rights reserved


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