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As if We Existed

by Solillaquists of Sound



The digital version of this album is available at iTunes.


released September 26, 2006

The first album of the 'The Listener's Trilogy'

Just when you thought everything has been done, “As If We Existed” offers a totally fresh and unique take on Hip Hop. Virtuosic glitchy beats that can still make your head nod; soaring, jazzy vocals, and thought-provoking raps, make this the soulful surprise of the season…
12 tracks. 51 minutes.
(review courtesy of Anti-/Epitaph Records)

1 Pledge Of Resonance 02:05
2 Property & Malt Liquor 02:44
3 As If We Existed 03:45
4 Mark It Place 04:15
5 Ask Me If I Care 05:31
6 Black Guy Peace 03:53
7 Choices 05:47
8 Berlin 04:52
9 Beautiful Catastrophe 01:58
10 Ur Turn 05:50
11 All too Common 05:41
12 Our 2 Cents 05:04



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Track Name: Pledge of Resonance
(Tonya Combs a/k/a Bondi)

I am the listener
Well before there was something to be said; I was hear.
Many have argued whether or not sound would exist without me,
But what is often overlooked in the midst of these debates is the true importance of the relationship between sound and those who perceive it.
Sound can be defined as something that can be heard but in essence is a cycle of vibrations that move through matter.

As the listener I vow to maintain the ability to define these vibrations and therefore amplify them with my actions. It is in my hands to allow what I hear to fade to silence or be given meaning. As these actions remain I become the echo that prolongs the life of a sound. And as sound is essentially a movement, Ultimately, the fate of a movement lies within me.. the listener.
Track Name: Property & Malt Liquor
VERSE 1 (Swamburger)

a city drinker meets malt liquor on the corner of black pride, grabs the bottle,
Billy Dee advertises colt 45 – another name for a gun, plus sounds like a
religious cult. why?
red horse, color wise, equals evil deity – abbreviated DEI. 4th letter is a D,
5th letter is a E. put together addition equals 9 which you will find the letter I.
now rearrange DEI to DIE pronounced reads die. this product most rely on it’s ounces.
blacks were promised 40 acres but only got 40 ounces. no one should own land
to corrupt it’s energy in the beginning. to help you imagine were peeps like
John Lennon.

People believe in physical-ities of a bottle. malt liquor is a substance
property is a nuisance. colt 45 on it has a symbol of good luck. tip the bottle
upside-down symbol’s bad now. drink up.

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah)

If our eyes could hold such focus,
You’d see we’re being sold – again.
Minority-malicious advertise deceives that
Drinks will make you smooth.
But passing torches that way,
Monstrosities, they surely build.
Because we fail when we give our focus
To what’s designed to have us killed.
Practice anti-doubt.
All the target-markets hit will switch
And work it out,
Though socialites may claim it favors unity,
They’re only preaching falsified, deep-end maturity.
And you don’t have to give in
To what it is we swim in
Especially when you’re listening.


VERSE 3 (Swamburger)

a city drinker meets malt liquor on the corner of black pride.
rappers advertise ST. IDES. rearrange IDES to get dies. take abbreviated ST.
I say saint stands for Satan. rearrange again to get SIDE out of IDES,
now your on Satan’s side. 40 ounce is the size. now why advertise religion
when the product doesn’t represent religion? for instance, did I forget
to mention black neighborhoods filled with churches and liquor stores.
ST. plays on the stereo while IDES plays the eyes of black searches
who look for their type. crooked eyes turn black on black crime. now find
underneath the T in ST is a pyramid colored red. the pyramid is life
but when flipped the definition is dead. now break the bread of Christ.
Track Name: As if We Existed
VERSE 1 (Alexandrah)

I wish you’d listen more, Just a minute
Previous to genius killing vision in its grip
And placing blame upon the soul-full unafraid
We knew the trade,
Danger of elite game
Technologically advanced, but now insane with power.
Spirit pained and left by way
Makes lost-in-past syntax we have today
That we have to deal with,
What’s the problem with my genius?
Too attached to ever leave it
Silent for the new achievement but
What I long to witness is the equal shift
Of lifted gadgetry to intuition by
Genius giving up its selfish tact,
And bringing praise of spirit back
Pay respect upon the debt incurred
By non-belief when soul was speaking,
Called simplistic by a name familiar to
Those regulars who think intelligence a competition.
Missing opportunity to be a real show embarrassment,
The care is not,
The care is NOT spewing tools to ax the problem,
Rather asking haver how they aptly solve them Selves.

Love.. Where’s it at? It’s not just cliché. Imagine That.
Freedom’s a Choice. Is it you? It’s as easy to say as to do.

VERSE 2 (Swamburger)

What if love said: Hear me out a bit before the future comes around the way to give us back the past we believe is gone but the trail is circular, we’re working for a bigger moment but, direction cut the children up a filler plus depression in a super song coming from the hand that doesn’t write for you and yours~ rather, stupid wars of lost memories. There’s more to love than broken promises, spoken honest-ness/ cupid, ponder this: Few would honor self accepting dominance over neutral acts in Manichaeism but, I wish to see a future given trust through the preparation of a mortal lust taking toll on the lovers will to crush the lines of being whole from a single f#ck. You give me a reason to trouble the language of living a permanent hinderance of a reality given to love and look over the others who never could see the pure imagery from an existing option. Stop adopting another normality spoken to want a low pace and abolish the motion of willing a method of uber development, regular root for the betterment. You and you fellow men benefit better than this if you listen. It’s as if I existed.


You’re not just a VOICE!

You’re not just a VOICE!


There’s more to you than what you know, believe, or even choose to be; what you ignore.
There’s more to love than just the lust and pain, and comfort isn’t based on what’s the same.
More.. There’s more in store. Beyond what you have seen before before.
Proven action ain’t philosophy and oppressive music isn’t hot to me!
So rally ‘round the poplar tree, salute hypocrisy, and floss your property with pride.
It’s a sweet but bitter victory with whom you disagree, You think it’s me but it is I.
And “I” is you essentially so never take what’s meant to be and get it twisted.
This isn’t anger, no, it’s passion so let’s live the way we should; As if we existed!
Track Name: Mark it Place

I heard that black and Hispanic consumers were considered the easiest target markets on the scene since DAMAGED and USED jeans.

I heard that chris columbus discovered nothing but native’s living here
he killed them and you senselessly celebrated your thanksgiving here.

I heard that GUESS clothing used to be a symbolic sign for homosexuals to identify like kinds.

I heard that kids are only most likely to read cigarette ads placed conveniently
low enough for them to see

This is the mark it place, hucksters, monopolies,
schools of charts, diagrams, programs, microchips.
This is the mark it place, advertising slight of hand
out the corners of the public eye, supplying what the times demand
This is the mark it place, piggy banks, open hand, gimme some,
kill a man, business move, billboard.
This is the mark it place, from field of dreams –
growing goodness it would seem, but solely strictly fortified to control your mind


I saw an anorexic woman taking the place of a cellulite reality on every magazine cover actually.

I saw photos of area 51 by satellites in the air,
but the government says it doesn’t exist, so they still claim it isn’t there

I saw subliminal messages in the movie theater flashing popcorn in between cuts to make me buy later.

I saw the american flag, waving proudly on its own without a care,
but it was on the moon, and there’s no wind out there

I saw the small print answer that may cause cancer. I saw the government give cheese to break-dancers.

I saw graduation speeches saying, “all are individuals”
everyone’s listening wearing identical robes and following traditional rituals

I saw the world capitalize on death to benefit the patriot then claim to remember once the revolution was televised.

I saw women crying, mutilated, tricked as victims, worried thinking,
“I don’t fit the definition someone else created.”



I know the game had better stop before we run out of crops. half of the food you eat now yo, it’s made from props.

I know that often lives we’re living don’t reflect the life we’re given
all the differs from the self, and what we all consider wealth

I know the world don’t move to the beat of one drum cause the heart cost money but my hands are numb.

I know that we are taught to follow, and not taught to follow through
it’s hopeless if you’re looking down on leaders, cause: it’s up to you.

Track Name: Ask Me if I Care
VERSE 1 (Swamburger)

I say the same things in life that I say in my songs yet one’s considered right and one’s considered wrong. My friends love my aggressiveness when I’m up on stage but tend to take it personal when I’m up in they face like, “It’s not what you say but how you come across,” as if they never knew me from the first time we talked. The same things happen to a celebrity I guess, where he does something wrong and the world gets upset. But if he continues to bless children and brighten up their futures thick we give him golf claps and wait for him to contradict. You don’t want unity you want individual freedom. It’s not my fault we created what everyone wants to be them. And I could allow myself to see your presentation if I didn’t acquire so much about our destined/nation. You can pretend you don’t feel it but can you follow through~ cause you know regardless of how it’s said the outcome’s always loving you.

Ask me if I care and I’ll say I do
Fuck you, that’s for my ego,
I love you, that’s personal.

Ask me again if I care and I’ll say I do
You can’t claim a song creates ears,
You got some, just listen.

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah)

Why exist as gods and act like slaves?
Fight to the death just to keep your chains..
Energy’s depleted, we’re so easily heated
So I bestow my heart, but it’s construed in err
Take my passion as harassment when I take it there
Thinking that to fight it just might justify their weakness
But this music, when suitably used, is meant to enrich your existence
By providing sight of purpose, worthy of your choice to listen.
Willingness to see will give you vision,
Conscious acts preserve self-permission
And I sacrifice my desires and time giving insight
how to fight in light of opposition.


VERSE 3 (Swamburger)

Belly up my fellow mellow crutch. Start a chain reaction, acting on a duty long overdue. Slow change is in progress. I profess its process to see I seen~ I mean a lot of things happen, “bad stuff,” then turn for the better like~ self-awareness is actually looking for something now~ it’s self, WOW. Seemingly creating reflections of a brighter view on art verses technicalities compiled. No more unexpected routes to turn down while alone and following your dream to resurrect a pulse into the seams of it’s struggle, to be accepted as a worthy cause without pause~ clout and all. Doubt ya? Nah! Bout your fall. Stand up for your potent potential, growing essential. Reality’s your life menu. Lend you a hand man. Don’t fall for uncertainty again. “Gotta get over the hill that’s legible and,” then some. Men front but don’t know the half. I laugh a lot illuminating limits learning layman’s terms for living like a god. Listen! Gimme the benefit of the doubt then I’m out, I swear. If you allow the child of great talent to prevail seeking a scale of beauty from music like this then take time to know what it is. This is hip-hop. That’s right. Yo, I used to do it in front of my house~ now I got 20 year olds trying to tell me what it’s all about. Get the fuck out of my face and the mic out your mouth!

Track Name: Black Guy Peace
VERSE 1 (Swamburger)

What happened to your revolution black? All this talk turned ears off the act. Now they pay money for convenience. The fiend is a telemarketer with double meanings for a dream reached inside the seams. The African medallion’s a diamond. X is a spot again marked on the next man’s island. Most activists don’t act yet wanna push towards land with a conglomerate pact. Do this. What’s it gonna take, telling liberty to strip naked and make my freedom shake for nada? We oughta do something worth more than working a living to earn 6 dollars. (nah, I make more than that, dog). Oh my bad, you make 10/
but nine times out of you got broke friends~ and they all got a vice. The bar becomes a prophet of marginal advice. Targeting your type who fall to any hype like, “ Man, you gotta live and let live,” but, the government didn’t listen. You preaching to the wrong kid.
Re-jog your memory~ and do me a favor, remember the real enemy. You’re killing me! I promote peace not a savior with a ballot box youth on the streets. Take a sneak peak~ we’ll see the law go martial. I’ll be opposing with a life long art-show. Consider me radical, loud voice to the cattle folk. Revolution ain’t a song, turn off the radio and let the rest go public. You bought the album but you only get so much from it.

What’s happening? Can’t believe rap done turned to this. Monkey see monkey make a platinum hit cause niggas nowadays be on some strange fruit shit.

(DJ Velore)
Do da Strange Fruit!!
Do da Strange Fruit!!
Do da Strange Fruit!!
Do da Strange Fruit!! [repeat]

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah)

Unrelenting servants scared
To question massa plan.
Culture on the move like chaos,
And people stop taking a stand.
They’re sayin trade is good,
I got no space to complain.
Slavery, it pays okay and
Mostly just to hang, but
Whatcha gonna do with all that mess?
All that mess when there’s no time left?
Whatcha gonna do when time to move
Arrives and put its hands on you?


VERSE 3 (Alexandrah)

Health is a chance to prevent your out-of-sync.
And art is the witness to you making what you think and feel.
Scrutiny be rep for common sense.
Intuition; higher form of reasonable dissent.
Most are content to let it be,
But well-spoken is a savior in the land of silent bravery.


All I wanted was my two front teeth, (turning point)
now I want that and you free. Devastated from the first time I heard of black men hanging in trees yet, we fight the power still with blackface for cheese? Used to live up to the
birth of hip hop now we wear a crucifix and pimp the gift shops. Politics rule over people period. Our position on the pyramid is proof of trained images.


In my hum, my hum, my humble opinion
We have been dumbed down.
My love, my love, my lovely ladies lumped
Into one sum now.
When will you REBEL?
When will you REBEL?
When will you REBEL?
Track Name: Choices
“The Business-Woman, The Artist, & The Phone Call”

Alex: 6 o’clock, wake up
boyfriend’s asleep in bed.
Brush teeth, iron clothes, grab a bite to eat,
Find keys, change for tolls.
Climb into ride, backup and drive down the highway.
Over radio birds and breeze encouraging me to be well on my way.
I’ve made choices in favor for interest of business,
Family reunion connections, vacations traded for
Company retreats, last minute meeting, I’m on call every weekend.
But to save this place worth reworking my quiet-time escapes.

From the Start that i wake I make CHOICES
Convinced that they're all not a sinch these CHOICES
those Voices I listen to sometimes make a mind wanna stop some CHOiCES.

But Choice is all we got
At least we believe we think we got
You'll never know when a choice is chosen until then make a choice to

Swam: Woke up about 2:33. Ain’t nobody else in the house, just me. Turn on the tv for background noise. I’ll take shower in a minute after I eat. I feel like drawing. 2:41, still yawning. The only thing I gotta do today is meet my grandma’s standards of making as an artist this week. Who’s been feeling sick and weak this week. She’s needs a bit more of my visits to accompany the struggle. She’s part of the reason when I paint I include the image of a family in a bubble, huddled in position to escape the world’s puzzle. Although, my concept is love my expression feels muffled. Subtle block kicks in… by the time I’m ready to start my day it’s evening.

S: Hello?
A: Hey, how you doin?
S: Fine.
A: I’m gonna have to stay a little later than planned..
S: Okay, today I got a masterpiece done..
A: Really? That’s..
S: Almost.
A: Great. Well anyway, try to do some laundry..
S: Yeah, yeah- all me but Grandma called and I gotta go..
I should have known. Okay, I’ll see you at home.


“The Soliloquies”

Swam : Off then I go, grandma’s so sick yet every time I leave my girl wants to trip. She keeps it so subtle. Maybe she’s the block? Maybe she’s the reason I leave a lot? Truthfully it hurts. I suffer with work. I wish I could just remember my worth. Before we hooked up life was grand~ma please won’t you notice my stamina’s decreasing.

Alex: Building financial foundation’s not easy,
He thinks that I can’t appreciate family.
Truth is you must use this incorporation an equal rate
To its use of your sanity.
He’s slacking, I’m backing the laziness of starving artistry.
I’m away a great deal because office helps me self-sedate
And return home still half asleep.

S: I gotta stop blaming her for everything.
Gotta stop causing myself to be depressed.

A: I need to breathe, and clear my head.
He’s not the reason I am so stressed.

S: Pick up your life, do it today!

A: Don’t miss the point of this pattern play.
Swam and Alex: Escape the void, escape the noise~
For once I just wish we could make the right choice!


“The House Call”

Swam : I get to grandma’s house and the place looks bare. She called from here, figured I’d walk in anyway. Thinking about the artist that I was supposed to be… before I could walk in guess who drove up..

Alex: I found reason for rearranging all my estranged relationship delays.
Decided to drive to grandma’s house for the sake of acting
On what I’m all about.

Swam and Alex: Let’s go in.

S: Walked inside.. something’s different

A: Hey you think?

S: Wait, just listen..
Anybody home? No answer. The last time I felt like this was…

A: (don’t worry) I’m sure everything’s okay.
What time did you speak with her today?
Was there any tone of worry in all she had to say?
For her to call and not be here, that’s strange.

S: Maybe she’s in the kitchen… nope!
Maybe she’s in the dining room.. uh uh.
Maybe she’s in the bathroom… that either.
Maybe she’s upstairs… yeah.

A: On our way to the 2nd floor
I admit I must communicate acceptance more
Towards your creativity, and we find love responsibly with..
Look, what’s this? A letter? Written that it’s to us, from her~

Swam, Alex, & Grandma: By the time you read this I’ll be in another world. My soul is restless, flesh is limited, giving it I guess that was all that it got… a choice to choose upon a lot of something. All of it or not. Trapped in between life and living. One is a concept the other is living. The meaning of life is not choice but choose who you are as a function to fit a cycle as planned, working as we speak, never ending that which has chosen you to live on and me through each. I wish you the whole of my peace.
Track Name: Berlin
VERSE 1 (Swamburger)

Dedicated to the people who never thought it could be this way. Injured view on a typical yet beautiful occurrence. Life, without insurance, backed by the endurance of living. Simple tip to keep close… die now to live again then you will see how most limit their unknown destiny, fearing a hypothetical society that says every new beginning is an apocalypse. Rocket ships and broken wallets. How bout a new birth, new worth to what we seek of our pockets prophets. You treasure the chains but under appreciate the locksmith, bargaining for the survival of your nonsense constant. Closure towards an omnipresent conscience. Adventure the world honest at best, not everything is King James text.
I found God was a verb not a noun or an adjective. Naming our excuses religion had to give pleasure to the gesture of manic depressive acts that make it easier to believe we can’t be our own savior’s as fact. Life is beyond who gave it. Creator’s only exists when your living consist of what are we gonna name it. Shameless plug, if Jesus is the one than I’m a thug. I guess some never really thought about as a standard, set to be. Children of their parents act rather accordingly, so if the flaw of man measures the difference between the process and the outcome see, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. That’s why life is the God of me, my actions reveal heaven and hell regardlessly. Truth is an opinion marketing what? A systematic addict of a lie targeting the good and bad rather than the element of archery. The point isn’t in the competition it’s the essence of connecting with another from a long distance remarkably. If you feel it I’ll know from the awkward plea, I’m serious. Life ain’t a style you buy and wear like an autumn fleece. Seize the insignificant prayer to see the end again. Life doesn’t pretend to be a job with some benefits. Hinder it, you can’t… it’ll only affect your thought, no matter the situation or material bought. Live like you don’t know what’s giving you air. Logic can’t apply to what’s not there. So what we made a name for it… think it means just that? Try labeling the meaning of what’s not fact, it’s nothing.

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah)

Entering imminent field of hopefuls
Holding onto books and belief.
Not being given the power to shower people
With death sentences for heresy.
An excess of smiling,
Faith-binding kindness
The kind to disguise social anxiety.
I wonder who schooled them to use
Such immaculate passive aggression
On those who retreat..
Each week from profession, reflection;
Meaningful speech and connection.
What technique of your reach
Does public find appealing when breaking down-
On account of what they feel they lack?
You exploit collapse.
I approach focused on respect,
With multitudes of blessing, love successful, no regret.
They ask me if I’ve named one man to be my savior yet.
I say I claim it all this world, my dreams, the stars, their depth.
You and every musing you see fit and choose to tend to.
Controversial lurkings working tireless against us.
Balance, talent, anger, solace –
It is above as so below, honest.
Previous to tampered time, my people said it,
“In this world you are a god, you find it odd to take the credit?”
Then tell me I can’t be possibly
Speaking word supreme.
With no almighty value to the soul
Religion stole my reach
And sold it back,
Buying time for greatest group illusion.
Best described – elusive, irrational, persistent as disease.
Of fear their speech, coercing,
But of self comes greatest mercy.
Available to those exalting inner-amnesty.
Untouchable to certains of external yields gain.
There must be correspondence, or all prayer is in vain.
My love’s become your blasphemy, and gnosis is thy name?
Enlightenment does not depend on saviors be attained.
Track Name: Beautiful Catastrophe

Hastily sacrificed self for community
Is well-intended, though I never witnessed such a beautiful catastrophe.
Rolling eyes back, figured fights may last indefinitely.
I can finally understand, to focus on winning is losing miserably..
Giving you all I have, please honor me.
Finding my solitude .. including.
Track Name: Ur Turn
VERSE 1 (Swamburger)

our bond is whole. im half percent of a circle. one is the x chromosome, the second is Y.
genetically we carry on one or the other to multiples the same organically. un-theoretically, im particles, DNA in sky, whom partakes in pie r squared. I fraction cubes to study within a cubicle reading square books of circular pairs plus pupils. time will fix the tour in each that has a biological tic while my astrological history defines its fossils of both from half to whole. remember the circle, searching self by three point one four-(heart, soul, and mind). all of which i question it’s ability. why and how does it function? we keep fertile with fertility, (the newly born) and walk storms of the expensively priced uniform. but never no more. night sheds by dream wars chanting “save sacrifice for the hollow body gone.” chrome will shield some plastic thought. law is looked upon in dyslexia state to form the wal(L). those on top literally throw stereotypes on all yall. bitch used to be a dog, now dog is man’s best friend cause it can follow command. notice command can’t be without the word man, the keyword for mankind. wooo man! what about the woman. I guess she remains a bitch and mother earth preserves and then becomes a planet. if it really is a man’s world then he must’ve planned it.

man is a man which manhandles mankind mentoring mental(s), mandating minutes monthly. mentioning manipulating messages of famine manning men, commanding mannerisms, managing manly mandatory maneuvers or else
many will label you and woman, too
which would you rather be? womb or wounded?
inclusion’s excluded from important and potent reference,
even useful uses other than household duties.

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah)

woman’s wished existence is washed away with war
when wicked wizardry’s wrestled the earth from its core,
goddess practice from its axis…
our bond is whole, I’m the other half percent of the circle,
so why do I not collect my equally earned respect?
blame is on society, blame it on me, or blame it on neglect
but I will not accept it anymore, what’s in store for those of you
in competition with ideal vision is that I refuse your place for me of being used
aesthetically, only
I’m not your tits and ass in videos, your makeup, high-heel, pantyhose-wearing
bitch to get with, I’m not your pornographic misfit sitting still,
til you don’t need we around
when I was created, no other was denied
addition’s never missed with those in touch enough for life
you tried to read between the lines of already-fatal flaws,
written as law, and spit as right –
but what’s wrong, is that you’ve all believed it for so long,
my word’s no longer prophecy, just an independent woman’s song.
I’m speaking out against twists of truth, but to so many people
I’m just another pretty voice,
I want a truce, let’s speculate you could witness weary women spilling
out their hearts, would you change for the better every thing it is you do?
do you have courage enough to speak the truth,
alter your ego and express the proof?
give credit to the blessings that originally matched,
tap into you, and come thru at last…


VERSE 3 (Swamburger & Alexandrah)

since sin is tense my sentence feels ten times stronger than ten cents for my every reply against your sin like violence and mis-education. false representation that’s costing a nation of children lost in fallacy gaps. fantasy maps without path and teachers that don’t know the math. now you can be good but don’t front like you bad cause others will follow your path. and what will you tell them cool? watch what I say but not what I do? intention is half of the rule when you mention or demand attention to carry the vision of highest intentions beyond comprehension or greatest inventions. you ask me to listen and so now I do. but your deeds don’t match the catch of your phrase. that’s why I don’t understand you… that’s why I don’t understand you.
when will we get to the end of intense, sentence, vengeance, dense sense of intelli-gents?
send me your answer right now.
optimistic plus sizes, berated by accepted belittling false-statementals
under ceased and overweight, they gain permanence worthy of notation
by struggling artist wanna-bes getting paid to do the same;
it creates painful extractions of reality from conversation, substance from relation,
sincerity from grace
a magazine of imagery’s distribution won’t reinstate justifying prideful’s
reason vengeance isn’t hate
beauty in falsehood, opinion as such, love as coincidence, consequence with luck
because the effect can’t off-balance a message sent,
not by our people, but through them; certain, earnest, and collected.
Track Name: All Too Common
VERSE 1 (Alexandrah)

My freedom’s future serenading the Now,
From a not-too-distant reach.
It equals the greatest changing of my furthest scenery.
It hands me actuality, and then it’s history.
So when we reach another, who are we touching but ourselves?
Though most consider it a mystery, ability only grows when
You believe in limitless capacity~
And can handle social impact when we work in circles well.
It’s how I know why I choose you;
Saves my life from indecision of available mazes,
Repetition of insatiable phases,
The complacency of failed age.
We accept too many shortcuts, and think the point of life is to be saved.
But it ain’t…

I want you to prevent the things you can and will
Don’t let the microscopic bother hardly, none can touch the shell
You call a soul…

VERSE 2 (Swamburger)

His support’s unstable, she’s too fragile to tell. She thinks he’s far fetched cause he progresses so well. He secretly trusts his doubt, blaming his experience, mistakes his intellect for old age and more experience. She holds on tighter making him believe his support is still stronger than his skill can achieve. She tries to match his work and convince herself to stay but every step he makes towards perfection drives her trial away. She can’t get mad so she acts out of silence. She feels it’s the opposite of hurting her self confidence. He jokes about the consequence and plays it off as cute. Their relationship is beautiful~ their confrontation mute. They settle for the surface, an emotion made of strain. The closest they come to love is grieving each others pain. Bottled up past, scared to face the wind that blows over the mask that covers what’s within. He can’t ask her to be what he can’t define. He feels something’s missing, she feels it’s just time. Her spine is her problem, the mind is his. Logic isn’t educated in living a lie with someone you obsess, killing your comfort by refusing to stress their best quality as passing a test. I guess it’ll subside later on down the line but, for now, this is a problem.

Track Name: Our 2 Cents

Definition blown apart.
Never expected it would be this hardly thought about
By those who claim they’ve been thru it all and back again.

VERSE 1 (Swam and Alex)

“I know it’s hard”, the woman said before nurturing the idea of birth to quitting.
She explained, “Smoking is everything, nothing in meaning though. Believe
me yall, I’ve been through it all. This is the least of my problems, preaching
won’t solve them.” Then she starts rambling like, “Look at me, I’m perfectly
fine. I’m climbing to the peak of understanding moderation one vice at a time.
I’ll quit when I’m pregnant. Hold, one second.” She takes a drag of the cigarette,
and figured that it’s out of respect for her past. “Life won’t last, neither will I.
The purpose of this is relaxing my mind. I’m sick of you people who think about me
as a duck, when we both know you could get hit by a truck tomorrow.”

Definition blown apart ~ I bet you never thought it’d be this hard.

VERSE 2 (Swamburger)

I giggled a bit. This is ridiculous. thinking of alternate ways of meticulous death. Simple decisions of health and it’s help turned to notions of sermons that still what is left of her choice. Wasn’t me, never was. Just an opinion of mine. “You might wanna stop!” She looked at me as if I called myself cop~ nightstick in hand with an order to clock. “Mam,” caught myself playing the role. Frustrated, she thinks I’m losing control. I blurted out
“Sorry for caring.” She called me an ass, “but thank you sharing.” Told me that I couldn’t save the whole planet, never to try unless I had her damage so I could relate. Thought I was doing it. Based upon my conversation I’m proving it.

VERSE 3 (Alexandrah)

She said, “Everyone grows at their own pace. Everything IS,
my habit maintains balance,” I said no girl – marketing masters
have swayed your stance into believing we can’t speaking without
trying to get you to buy what you don’t need. But it’s them who’re
after all of what your heart adores. It’s a true disaster when you lose
you as adequate, play devil’s advocate, out of defense reference Zen
as resource.

VERSE 4 (Swam and Alex)

I smoke cause I’m heavy.
That’s what she said. Truthfully we knew what she meant. It didn’t take
hours to get to the bottom of our conversation, connecting the dots to damn!
Thought she was bitter. Wondering well, will she consider – eating better
whether no cheddar, eggs or dairy? Organic is best with fruit cause they vary.
Now, she’s thinking Wow, these cats are scary no matter the smile.
She wants to indulge, we want to help out. Both of us looking to benefit doubt.
We accept what we can and remain as friends- still awkward about each other’s
persistence. Wishes blew over though, distance and overgrown. Bias opinions
will never teach what we know.

Definition blown apart.
Never expected it would be this hardly thought about
By those who claim they’ve been thru it all and back again.