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The 4th Wall (part 1)

by Solillaquists of Sound



THE 4TH WALL is about you. Our success is in your hands.
This is part one of the double album, 'The 4th Wall' (the third & final installment of 'The Listener's Trilogy' by Solillaquists of Sound).


released May 26, 2012

All Songs:
Written by Solillaquists of Sound for Solilla Publishing, LLC (BMI)
Played, Engineered & Produced by DiViNCi
Mixed by X:144
Mastered by Glenn Schick Mastering

01. Thicker Than Blood
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Guitar by Keith Sine
Additional Keys by Jean-Max Méry

02. This is Your Day
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Bass by Jimmy Saey
Violin by Sean Moore

03. Natural Disaster
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Guitar by Keith Sine

04. 50/50
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Bass by Jimmy Saey

05. The Watcher
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)

06. Snooze Button
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Percussion by Beef Wellington
Additional Keys by Michel Ferré
Cuts by DJ SPS

07. Musically Speaking
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Bass by Lavon Rushing

08. Orlando
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Co-Produced by Beef Wellington
Bass by Jimmy Saey
Additional Guitar by Mike Ryan
Additional Keys by Jean-Max Méry

09. The Witness
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)

10. Suite of a Thousand Thank Yous
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
String Arrangement by Gavin Castleton



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Track Name: Thicker Than Blood
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
I'm in to family, bet the lot of me hold tight.
To my relation, I'm shipping people the whole pie.
Piece me together with feathers of a flock and watch us fly from
either cage we broke out of just to enjoy the sight.
I see the kids in the path bridging the bowtie. I'm suited up with
the baggage, acting with no lies and when it comes to my fam,
am I dependable? Hell yeah, no doubts, I'm here for you!

Unite kinfolk. Trust. My pain been told us we got a window of opp,
a couple ready to rock... In it for the future kid on the block. Come on!

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
I'm learning family with friends and a walk away tendency
Value's on history I wonder if my mother ever misses me, but
We can let it affect, and be a part of the wreck and have aversions to fortunate things.
Over again, let family in.


VERSE 3 (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
I don't wanna play opposites. Position me at the heart of the
motto fit for something more positive. I'ma live up to the topic for I can
give a lot of me thoughtfully and still have enough inside of my anotomy's spirit.
To give it again and a gain is what you receive. I'm not responsible for
how much you can believe but, I try. I've died to bring all, life to the family tree,
with these songs.

Track Name: This is Your Day
You are now the victim of a worthy moment,
owning power, given to you clearly from me. This is your day.
No thank you needed, treat it like you deserve it.
Nurture this cause ain't another one like it. Ride it out, this is your day.

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Happy birth. What it's worth, I salute your existence.
Put in work... foot and word, I embrace your position.
Sun and moon, you deserve a chance at being noticed.
I can't fake it, I see your struggle to keep your view in focus.
I'm living with you, let's build... Who's know what we can muscle,
But, for now, it's on you and I suggest you trust your hustle.
It's your day... only yours, and who can argue that? I'm just saying,
If it was mine you wouldn't get it back. It might take you a bit to discover
that you are the topic of discussion but, you earned a cell of attention,
respect is due. May I proudly present the public display of
identifying the blatant truth. Hey! What a way to make friends in person,
personal... (like stopping the music right about now just to show y'all
that it's not about rehearsal, it's about your day.
I'm celebrating it, how bout you?


VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
You could say I know you well. I've never ever seen you take a day to yourself
You deserve this after sacrifices of your body, mind, your feelings, for your child.
You give best attempt to everyone else, not always best bet in caring for self.
Soul's echo through is telling you invest in a personal day of rest.
Granted, handed, peace you'll feel it. Schedule made, is you included?
Swim inside these hours. Power it comes from gentle self remembrances.

VERSE 3 (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
So now that it's official, I'm with you in every way.
Every time you hear this it's about you, no doubt to your day.
Believe a friend is there cause if not you forgot the rule. Did you acknowledge
the same in me as I did in you? I'm a fan. Shout out equal opps (opportunities)
and paying dues, catalysts, experience, and a will to choose.
But, most of all I can problem myself to see in seconds, what a day can do
to one who believes in others. Check it!

Track Name: Natural Disaster
INTRO (Swamburger):
What a world.. Out of sight, out of mind.
Who's doubt? Who fault, yours of mine?
I wanna say... I wanna say I know who did it.
who kill.. who killed our innocence? I know who did it.

I can prove I do.

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
My body ain't been the same since I been a eye witness to the scene.
I don't know if you know me right,
been living in the dark cause you owe me light.
No, don't gimme that blank face again, fake pace to when
you're gonna be the better man. You kill..
You killed our innocence for which it stands.

I can prove I do. (It’s Nature)

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
My own sight ain't been the same, since I witnessed external bring change
Like an inner dialogue, and it settles on the mental like a heavy fog. You gave another look
To my concern but not your limit. It is a busy life you're sure to fill up every instant.
Give it in a minute cause the cause it seems imminent. Blame it is a game and played
By many who diminish and don't do nothing coming worthy of a special something.
They're gone ask and I imagine you'll be running, running, running yeah.

I can prove what you do. (It’s Nature) me
Track Name: 50/50
INTRO (Alexandrah):
There was a love. It was unlike most others. It was enough. That is unlike most other's love.

We come in peace, you've got the best of us. Promise you'll reach an open hand and will not fall.
Come to the front, you're who we need. I swear I'll vie to let it go and give it all.

VERSE 1 (Alexandrah):
I love what you give, I give it too. Can we agree to never give up. If I give you all I have
can you return my love intact. Put my trust in you as I step into this world of 50/50 yeah.
Please let me know if I move to soon. Put my trust in you as I step into this world of 50/50 yeah.


There was a love. It was unlike most others. It was enough. That is unlike most other's love.

VERSE 2 (Swamburger):
Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours of course. 50/50. Let's build, yield to no one, knowing the collective, an objective to meet, greet... Keep in mind, time spent between you and me is mutual. I need you, you need me. I need you, you need me. Puzzle my piece to fit. Muffle my ego-trip. Sometimes I get outta hand and, don't forget my gratitude. I want that. You'll get it back, in fact, with interest like... Thank you, thank you, honest handshake, thank you, hug, pound, and thank you too. I'll be around on purpose. The worth of this bound is earth-less. Tune in, the spirit of my dial tone is birthing, searching land for a person that can reciprocate the same, a reason with no names attached. If you got that gimme half back.

Outro (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
She said I wanna bit of your worth.. He said I wanna bit of your worth too.
I want half, he want half, she want half, we want half...

I done overpaid, I want change back.
Track Name: The Watcher
Sometimes, yo... Sometimes I get that feeling like, oh shit..

Steady trembling.. Then she ran upstairs, ran away from him... Here he comes, oh shit!
And he was like, "You gon' do what I say do! I'm the master of me and you!" Oh Shit!
And I'm a witness. I saw the whole thing go down. I didn't mean to see this now.. Oh shit!
Track Name: Snooze Button
Can relating come in waves with Shhhhhhh.... It's a dreamstate some evade with Shhhhhhhh.......

VERSE 1 (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
I remember this convo. It's happened with a lot of different people that we know. And you would think that we would reach a point of progression unlimited to the point of attention and the power of investment. So we went in, step by step, ready to connect with words of affection, confused to find the blind eye stepped in...

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
I say don't let your artistry go without a.... Wait for them to know. You've gotta...
Let it ruin your love, inside of.... Think you're never enough despite the....


VERSE 3 (Swamburger):
So shall we wake from the slumber on our own behalf. Cast the judgement upon self and only that before the talk of who did what with who back then. Back then? Back then. Back then? Don't! Must our alarm be set to another one's offset trip to protest the fall? I'm down but all are in, look again to the point of pointing outside within. Don't touch that dial, we're on trial for a minute. Grin it and bare, timid or scared, limited fair... Dare to battle a shadow there. Catch the gist of which reason and reap what's sewn but don't live a little to get a lot. Don't live a riddle to get the joke. It's on you. Don't pretend you didn't hear yourself say, Don't Sleep!

VERSE 4/OUTRO (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
Dream of me when the shallow water deepens, cracking the bottom-line of communicating. Aiding faults to rediscover the treasure source sought. Suit this but, maintain the focus. Notice, know the potions of self-promoted control, but only when the stakes are lowest. Motion to the clock of your own I. Measure your blame. Name the who you aim to be, (You) but don't sleep.

Don't it feel better to bottle the negative evaluation of every key you thought to be a difficult beginning, of the very fear we all serve... time... Keep your eyes open. Continue to rise. Be vigilant. Continue to rise. Wake up!
Don't sleep....
Track Name: Musically Speaking
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Peace! But I'm still a big fan of "War," fighting with sound mind, trying to find yours. Y'all gotta be a bit more invested, my message is not suggested by the norm, nor challenged to be rejected to reform. Be warned! I'm passionate about the Swam you think is speaking. Mistake me for the man I'm not... I'm eager to inform your belief into the fact that I can teach you how to listen to reason, watch. All of a sudden words are tangible. Envision my hand to you before I slap the next word in your face for misunderstanding, Ewwww.. You almost made me cross the line and break the proof that we're connected. Good thing I'm not projecting. Ok, I admit... I do it to provoke the few I commit and stay committed to when I spit spit, but I'm equipped to back the talk, blame it on the beat though, it pushed my opinion on the people, people.

Yeah, I'm talking my language, now everybody's singing my song but you. Who are you? Ha. Yeah, I thought we we're connected through what you expected me to be... not you. Haha, yeah.

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Where's the peace in "we're pleased to continue conversing?" And I'd like to show you better than I show myself.
How deeply can we say we know what we mean? When I'd like to know you better, then I know myself. Sometimes I tire of trying to get a
message across. The sentence feels broken. I know the essence is lost and you're nowhere to be found. Please come back around.


VERSE 3 (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
There seems to be some confusion, using music as an illusion to tell the world that this is me. Well, it's a piece of me but not the whole. Sometimes you try to control the role I play beyond the story told like: Who? Every one of a few. What? Take initiative too. Ok, where? Make a day at their pace. When? In a moment of haste. Ok, Why? Cause the timing is right. How? As the wind she inspires.

Track Name: Orlando
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Been a long time coming but we're finally here.
The juke joint party don't start til 10. Everybody's on the go, woes at the door,
feet keep moving, don't stop... No! I don't want no problems here.
Pardon me, I'm a big shot volunteer. I work for the man anywhere I can but
I gotta make a plan for me to be my own man now.

Orlando. Orlando

You can take and leave what you feel, just remember we made history here.
Tried to slip me a Mickey, but it ain't my stee.. (steez a.ka. Style) 10 o'clock.
Time to juke til 3 cause..

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Don't tell me how to live my life away, I gotta make my mark on this city. I'll tell you what I've got an inkling to say,
you made your bed so in it lay. Don't listen to the people who keep on demand but can't understand you. And understand
Orlando's got a lot of em (Love!)


VERSE 3 (Alexandrah):
Surrounded by the buildings of a man who had some millions and I cannot get a word in it is not my
Ideal situation but the current presentation looks like we could elevate and feel a lot like you. Come to our city and know
That you will have gracious hosts and celebrate while you're here. It is the place that we call our home above it all,
and we're so glad that you're free.

Flunk it.
Track Name: The Witness
Le Témoin

Si tu poses une question
Je te dirais tout ce que je sais
Toutes ces opinions
Ne font que m’isoler

Et que représente mon silence
Si leur faculté d’écoute est inexistante
Et que représenterait mes mots
Quand ils parlent constamment

Je suis un témoin ici
Je suis un témoin ici

Et que représente leur silence
Si votre capacité d’écoute est inexistante
Et que signifiraient leurs mots
Quand vous parlez constamment

Ici mon peuple témoigne
Témoignez ici

(English Translation):
If you pose a question
I'll tell you all I know
It's all this guessing 
That leaves me out 

And what's my silence now, 
If their listening skill's a lie 
And what could my words mean
When they're talking all the time

I am a witness here
I am a witness here

And what's their silence now
If your listening skill's a lie
And what could their words mean
When you're talking all the time

My people witness here
My people witness here 
Track Name: Suite of a Thousand Thank Yous
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
You wanna know what this about..? 3 things.. Love, growing up, and the beginning of a time I put the two together. My new will shelter my old, give it a home for my foster thought of alone... and I am not! Thanks pops, good looking out on the gift of gab... A problem I never had as a youth. I'm human, but, you make me supernatural. Could've been anything but, according to my life, I'm a super natural. And Moms knitted my cape, secured fate, extended my expiration date. I'm alive and willing to give a action to dream, amongst other things: a soul, a guide, a heart, a start, a second chance, a third eye, a foretelling of my future with a beautiful wife and happy life to live it with her. Yo! I gotta right to feel good, bonded by the vow I took to lift and uphold a loverhood.

VERSE 2 (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
We vow that these words will live among the dedicated measures of ether by the way of shifting leisures into productive thinkers. Our blinkers are on. We're expecting a turn around dawn. When it sets in, invest in the roots of undivided attention to define me to you... my better half, my pleasure past proof of growing up, loving the moments we used to have like...

I love... You

VERSE 3 (Alexandrah):
How do I describe the light of a new sun... but it's home and always warm.
I didn't know normal was to cold before, but I can't say I wasn't warned.
The sum that comes is you and I in unison. It is a new and familiar territory to me, but I'm ready for this love.