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The 4th Wall (part 2)

by Solillaquists of Sound



released January 11, 2014

Executive Producer: DiViNCi
All songs produced, programmed & engineered by DiViNCi
@ Solilla Manor (Orlando, FL) & Beef Wellington's Studio (Orlando, FL)
& Published by Solilla Publishing, LLC (BMI)
All songs mixed by X:144 @ Transparent Dark Studios (Orlando, FL)
Mastered by Glenn Schick @ Glenn Schick Mastering (Atlanta, GA)

01. Breaking The Silence
(T. Combs/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Sounds & Bass FX: Doug Wimbish

02. Outcome
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Beatbox: Swamburger
Horn Arrangement: Beef Wellington
Additional Sounds & Bass FX : Doug Wimbish

03. Fate La
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Produced & Arranged by DiViNCi & Beef Wellington
Live Percussive Elements, Rhodes, Clavinet & Additional Programming: Beef Wellington
Guitar: Mike Ryan
Saxophone: Ezra Brown
Saxophone recorded by Optiks @ Gio's Room (NYC, NY)

04. Here I Am featuring Blueprint
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Vocals: Blueprint [Rhymesayers] & DiViNCi (the really awesome singing at the end)
Additional Post track laughter: E Turn
Organ & Additional Keys: Jean-Max Méry
Bass: Jimmy Seay
Cuts: DJ SPS

05. Total Reclaim
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Guitar & Synth: Sean Kantrowitz

06. Disguises
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Guitar & Synth: Sean Kantrowitz

07. Angry (Interlude)
(A. Brooks/G. Valencia, Jr.)

08. Cause 4..
(A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Bass: Jimmy Seay
Words of Power: Fred Hampton (look him up!)

09. Solillabration
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Bass: Jimmy Seay
Additional Guitar & Synth: Sean Kantrowitz

10. The Art of Defeat
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)

11. Doom & Gloom Blues
(A. Brooks/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Guitar Solo & Organ: Sean Kantrowitz
Additional Percussive Sound EFX: Max Drummey
Additional Vocals: DiViNCi & Beef Wellington

12. A Wake in the Mourning
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Crystalized Guitar Solo: Sean Kantrowitz

13. The 4th Wall
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/T. Combs/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Drum Programming & Percussive Elements: Beef Wellington
Guitar: Sean Kantrowitz
Cuts: DJ SPS
Additional Vocals: Tonya Combs

14. The Listener's Reflection
(G. Valencia, Jr.)
Synth Choir, Additional Drum Programming & Percussive Elements: Beef Wellington
Piano: Sean Kantrowitz
Cuts: DJ SPS



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Track Name: Breaking The Silence
(Tonya Combs):
.. And as other sounds fade, we must begin to realize that the real heroes only die when we stop listening to ourselves.
Track Name: Outcome
Rush the paper flood the street, Jesus isn't white
2012 is looking tipsy, eager suicide
Nostradamus strikes again, don't believe the hype
Settle for your bliss opinion, nature still decides boy
You're running scared but ain't no hiding in the bosom of destruction
Rebirth to nothing.. We stuck assumptions in the pot of glutton 
and breeding the something we can all deny
But don't you try to say we tried when man made this his outcome

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Economic promise gone. Failure to respond beyond the shadow of a doubt amounts to more mistakes, a public race against the end of saving face,
know your place and time.. 
We're losing our position, vision, niche, and human mind
Signs I see it. Be it, be gone forever, 
whether or not it belongs to people as a better guess to change...
Yes, yes, yes.. They don't promote success unless 
the monkey in the suit address the rest... Man made this his outcome.

The earth's got a tell
Poker facial blush in brail
Finger pointing blame again, flushing out while aiming in..
Tailor made for reconstruction
Stress the question, "why you fronting?"
It begins, the wage of sin.
The cover cost of dissonance was paid in full to credit cool
The planet's worth is love. How's this, how's this work from gods above?
I saw you crush the one you trust
Dollar bills replace your worth cause all that glitter ain't gold
We should learn before we're told
Man made this his outcome

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Why try so hard to be who you are not
Admist the poverty, depression, yelling,
Anger, punching, drunken fights closing in.
Dishonest, disloyal, discourage, disease,
Disparate, distant, desperate, and
Devilish degrees of tyranny.
Intolerant, intensely inconsiderate,
Illiterate, excluded, excessive, exposed.
Disgusted, disguised, exploited, avoided,
Denied, repressed aggression, explode.
Man made this his outcome
Obligation killing quality enjoyment,
Unrelenting, pent up feelings
He can’t deal with.
She sits aside, watching, clocking time adjacent,
Why is every helpful step drenched in hesitation.
Guess work, knee jerk, thoughtless remarks,
Marksmen can’t find the bullseye of the problems
That they start.
At the one, we’ll see, the future’s where we be from
And we will say that
Man made this his outcome

Track Name: Fate La
INTRO (Swamburger):
Yes. We come to teach, we come to learn... But most of all, we come to celebrate.

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Faith for no more grown headache 
Pace you prolonged bone credit 
Make another song worth singing  
Make another life worth living 

Faith for no more grown headache 
Pace you prolonged bone credit 
Take your loss 
Take your loss 
Shake your Massa 

Make another song worth singing 
Make another life worth living 
Let it go 
Let it go  
Shake your Massa 

We give it to you, Sacrifice 
Money, living, honey, water 

We give it to you, Sacrifice 
Freedom, solemn, mother, god 

We give it to you, Sacrifice 
Loving, travel, planet, jobs 

We give it to you, Sacrifice 
Future, space, and time 

Hey fate, you own the loan, go check it 
Route down the road for treasure 

Hey fate, see life in all it's color 
Vacate the mass my brother

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Hey life, where you headed?
No time to regret it,
Give connection credit.
Dance blue skies in place
Your care into the hands of those aware of
Everything you cherish.
Focus, hold the space.
For you we hold this space,
Travel into space,
Sleep well, dream of space.
Grow into…

Hey fate, you own the loan, go check it 
Route down the road for treasure 

Hey fate, see life in all it's color 
Vacate the mass my brother 

Hey fate, you own the loan, go check it 
Route down the road for treasure 
Ease your domain from settlers 
Re-Grow the root for better 

Hey fate, see life in all it's color 
Vacate the mass my brother 
Vacate the mass my sister 
Shake your plastic
Track Name: Here I Am [feat. Blueprint]
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
And the game begins... I count down.
TENants in the circle, what's you're virtue of the now?
Solillaquists is into this looking beyond the limits in the road to 
be(nign) inn(ate) 7chakra grounds. 
6 millions ways to live, if y'all dead, 
plead the 5th on all (for)ums. You're online service holds 
flat on the streets of old. We calling out with a listener's code,
it's a 3 (to) 1 rati(0).

Olly Olly Oxen Free, calling all of y'all to talk to me. Where you at?
In the crib, in the car, online, on the street, in the beats, rhyme, or melody.
Where you at?

VERSE 2 (Blueprint):
Back in the day, might find me in a Sam Goody. Maybe on the soundtrack of a classic movie. Or with mechanics that fix things and pack toolies. Usually in brown Tim’s and a black hoodie. Where you at? Time passed. Man, had to boogie. Got spotted on a date with Ms. Fat Booty. He mos def got a rep with a sense of duty. Still amazed by the places that rap took he. Turntables at a party where they act bougie. Mixtapes that they slangin’ outta boutiques. Pick me up when you pick up some new sneaks. They still stealin’ all the slang and the new speak. It’s on the air if you don’t wanna dig too deep. Or as underground as the roots of a tree. Hip Hop’s anywhere that it choose to be, but how far it goes, it’s really up to you and me.

VERSE 3 (Alexandrah):
I swear I’ve been searching
Eternities of time
Trying to find you under all these stars.
Will their light guide me,
Or will I finally be able to see
Where you are.
I say,
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Verse 4 (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
We found a few of you to seek the more secretive crude of you, 
hiding behind the beautiful limit of who is who. I know your weakness 
in another beginning of "why." Things come together whether or not 
you heard the call. Game's over. Listen all,  the 4th wall never existed. 
I can see your position in the mention of attention. Where you stand, 
right now, I know that spot... We used to hide there too, until
we both got caught. So,

Track Name: Total Reclaim
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Luck's up. Clue me this... How you feel about the obvious?
The passive appetite for knowledge fits I can tell when the clock strikes 12
you don't know what time it is. Who's house? 
Are you a constellation prize to a conglomerate 
Or do you make a point of facing limitation with a sky conduit?
You can use my coattails, I'm all in. 
Now, our troubles evolve past the watchmen 
Tower the talk and over power fault and lost men.
Choose a benefit, pick a syndicate, 
now let's march in unison to heaven and back
Fetch water from the clouds cause the ocean is black
Star child's the focus, we all kin.
Protect the youth fam, from all gen.
It ends with you, the show begins.

I can't take no more shit!!!

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Children, you can come with me,
Listen. I’m on the side of your ninth level district and mission.
Got to get a little release, I see, mentally.
You’re close to the source,
It makes it look easy.
Do not listen to they who say, “You’re different.”
Do not listen to they who don’t intuit.
You are mighty, you are highly perceptive,
Keep steady when explaining your perspective.
Still the pool of mind; reflection.
Vigilance and love; direction.
Unified in stride; ascension.
Stay here, I’ll hold them,
You go the space between.
Your conception is a weapon
To their death machines.


VERSE 3 (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
Yeah ya right, you better believe in abundance.
Everybody grab a relative or something.
Tell em the age of the eagle is here, elemental evidence of another year.
Who wants free? The Calvary of a new generation of action begins.
Stay open minded. Determine the guidance of an alliance made of children.
Be it crystal, be it rainbow, be it indigo, be it star.... We know who you are!
Track Name: Disguises
I am the beauty fooling you.
Make it easy to forget.
Where you are in the…
Who you are in the…
Why you cry in the…
How we die from a…
Pent up in a scripted scene,
Through the tune and you
Can’t see all of me without the…

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Prepare your mask, disguise your best. Dress for the occasion to hide the rest. Test your flesh goal. Impress the crowd with glitter, cause all of it is gold. Sold. You want in. Told the truth, but, the lie is amusing for the youth and it's union, yielding congruent conclusions towards a masqueraded view fit for soothing a itch to flip the scroll. On some ole, "I won't miss this opportunity to puzzle the mass. I'm in it for the love and a brand new mask. Ask the common pop what I look like on top of the hollow flock. Get a pic! Click, Click.... Shit!"
Face this, some faced off the basic value behind a face to face dim light and found light to save face but the dark side of that same face remained plight. Right?


VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Tight in the innermost depth of
Deception, subtle, quiet.
Stages of cover-up never let up.
Was I who incited it?
Sat in a field, armor beside me.
Sunlight it shined, breeze new delight
Brings tears to my eyes,
All I had hidden.
It was I who decided to permit.
You see, why, would I hide from
Who I’d die for?

OUTRO (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
Yo, taking the timing to let out my beautiful benefit, giving it all of my intimate innermost suitable intricacies, while I'm out to buy a pitiful moment to pivot the honor of living you'll see in the people that dive in a box. Transform into me.
Track Name: Angry (interlude)
Who that stepping? My hands are weapons, tacking you... Get up!

VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Yo, you wouldn't like it when I'm angry. My position's elevated well beyond the mainstream. Call me incredible, but, credit it to my fighting etiquette. I'm a veteran of being better than my opposing opponent. I'm hungry. Simpletons try, but, they don't know me. Tearing limbs off then tossing competition of the richter. It's a picture Kodak can't frame, or, fix the moments of torment I will deliver like, aaaaahhhhhh! Bring it to my plateau. Injuring your ligaments, I'm bending em in fast mo, natural. I possess a spirit of the past yo, repeating your beating like BLAOW!!!


VERSE 2 (Swamburger):
I'll counter your every amount of delivery. Best to get it straight before you step into the ring with me. Call the Warden, I'm warning y'all to stay alert, there's no telling what can happen once the beast emerges. Urges of danger anger me even more now. Got no time for holding back, bring it on it's war now. "War child", stalking my prey, releasing the Hulk out. Raghhhh, raghhh, raghhhh,  demons I will stomp out. Forget me not if  I appear to be losing it, I'm choosing to play my cards with a suitable conclusion. Chewing up contestants testing my patience. Days into the training, I become a contagious RAAAGGGEEE. 
Rage with no mercy, I'm thirsty for the gratification of a fight, willing my power to grow amongst the duration of the night. If so, you'll have to kill me like...
Track Name: Cause 4..
Fred Hampton:
If you ever think about me,
and if you think about me niggers,
and if you ain't gonna do 
no revolutionary act
forget about me.

I don't want myself on your mind
If your not going to work for the people.

Like we always said,
If you're asked to make a commitment
at the age of twenty,
and you say,
"I don't want to make a commitment",
Only Because of the simple reason that, 
"I'm too young to die",
"I want to live a little bit longer"...
What you did is,... you're dead already.

You have to understand,
That people have to pay 
the price for peace.

If you dare to struggle,
you dare to win.

If you dare not struggle, then
god damn-it, you don't deserve to win.

Let me say peace to you.
If you're willing to fight for it.

Let me say in the spirit of liberation...
I've been gone for a little while.
At least my body's been gone
for a little while.
But I'm back now.
And I believe that I'm back to stay.

I believe that I'm going to do my job.
And I believe that I was born,
not to die in a car wreck; 

I don't believe that I'm going to die 
in a car wreck.

I don't believe I'm going to die
slipping on a piece of ice;

I don't believe I'm going to die
because I got a bad heart;

I don't believe I'm going to die
because of lung cancer.

I believe that I'm going to be able to 
die doing the things I was born for.

I believe that I'm going to be able
to die high off the people.

I believe that I will be able to die 
as a revolutionary in the
international revolutionary 
proletarian struggle

and I hope that each one of you will
be able to die in the international
proletarian revolutionary struggle
or you'll be able to live in it.
And I think that struggle's 
going to come.

Why don't you live for the people.
Why don't you struggle for the people.

Why don't you die for the people.

Track Name: Solillabration
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Time to rejoice. Celebrate a victory, a voice of good vibe. We just set a pace to pay mind to know how. Know now, communication is free again. Seeking, deciding that we within it, support being a trend, completing the end of oppressed fews to begin a new power. Not to rule... To use as a tool when needed at most , seated at the host of the bellowed call. Hello all, we are free, we are free. Tell another, we are thee means to a future solution, if any. Kind. Figure my heart a willing hour... can't anticipate the time to laugh. Ask. It ain't always gloomy. Past. It ain't always bad. This'll be the history of an individual ad, then made fad, turning into a predicament of who killed that... So, let it be shown right now, if it was a sign of a great black out, who would own the vision of a fate, no doubt? Before you answer, remember this: YOU! Take a few minutes to manifest a better YOU! It'll be the same in the outcome, trust me, nuff need be said... plus, we deserve a few days off depression, progression lives on. What are we to produce but direction through song, controlled by motions flow to lift? Commence victory showmanship! Jeah!


VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
All the moment in the vision of a gratitude
You exude, for the benefit ability of you to prove,
The greater place of stabiling the fortitude
Whether other side of it know the detail of you don’t or do.
Don’t worry bout anybody but you.
Just start with the heart and go.
Just start with the heart and go.

OUTRO (Alexandrah):
You can celebrate,
It’s the day, make a break for it.
Time you spend on effort toward another’s goal can
Fill a day, wondrously expanding into the
Universal, fullest, essential, potential, loving.
Track Name: The Art of Defeat
VERSE 1 (Alexandrah):
What is that thing we do connect
In that moment
That keeps us silent?
If you talk out when they fall…
You get my feeling, et al?
And words can’t save you now.
Member how you used to do?

VERSE 2 (Swamburger):
And the world says to me.... Line em up by the crime you want done the least
to society. Try to be honest, but, promise me the homage to relief. 
"You can't save the world. Don't even try, it's just a hope at a t---." 
Did we teach mediocrity, or, shoot for the sky? Hang down your head ahead
at the peak of the problem, you can never conquer the art of... Find another,
before you saw when nobody's happy. Stare at the family with the biggest trouble
passionately and smother your dreams with subtle distractions of grief
for the others who never made it nor displayed for us, to replay the day we coulda, woulda, but, didn't because we gotta excuse for everything.

"Oh, I didn't know this was a song about the opposite. I’m a get the next one, 
play it again. I didn't hear what you said, I'm serious.... Curious to the point, 
for real man, say it again."

VERSE 3 (Alexandrah):
No control, you don't own me
But as they struggle, no one speaks

When do
We let the world be what it be?
Undo, undo.

VERSE 4 (Swamburger)
Now that you've been told by the planet to plan for defeat, greet your fellow relief with a winning animosity. Probably just a quality you pocket to keep, stop and repeat, don't fear your guilty alarm and retreat. Stay negative if you wanna survive in the street. Tell me, how does it feel to be a common elite? Cause, these are the people in your neighborhood, but, it's all good when things rough, as you know, they could.
Track Name: Doom & Gloom Blues
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Now, I was born to the world about a hour to ten, infinite with a bottle of trends. Now, I was sworn to be the power of a nautical wind, keeping track of a deadly end. Now here I lay, watching one year take the name of a lifestyle we don't blame, but, it's the end of a age to win. Time to meet the maker of a weak, lame, defense. You live life like shit, you anticipate doom, but, this ain't it. Get a clue. I know your guilt trip needs a fall. I wonder if you bleed at all, wishing us a flat line read, to call this day "D DAY." What happens when your ass is wrong? Can I call you the ass you are? The end ain't coming till I stop living pass the bar, till I stop giving back to y'all.

Oh snap! Revelation. Run. Be scared. Feel my wrath.
Oh snap! Fear my words. Hop on a band baby. Don't disturb.

Fear not you life.
Fear not your home.
Fear not your right 
Fear not your wrong.

They saying, "Man, look at the plan, our land is gone wrong, doing it by the book is over, overhead is costly... Paying dues to nature with a failure to predict my lost needs... I need a god and boss, please!" But, I'm like, all the trouble indeed is a sign, celebration is the key to unlocking the feat of unblocking your freedom in line. You can be the leader of your people and die pushing up a believable time. That's why I was born with smile, to kill a mock in my blues. Now here I lay, watching one year take the name of a lifestyle we don't blame, but, it's the end of a age to win. Time to meet the maker of a weak, lame, defense.

Track Name: A Wake In The Mourning
VERSE 1 (Alexandrah):
Grandma Irene, mother of three, wife, painter, Saint of Laughs.
She’d tell the family of a time,
And the room became bright.
Watching or not, she danced.
Generous does understate,
Hold her hand and she knows we relate.
“Be smart,” she said, “You’re our favorite thing.”
Ceremonies can’t hold, all our moments
And unwritten poems,
She said, “You’re soft, like a butterfly’s wing.”

You are more than life contained,
They say loss but I know you remain.
Like a butterfly’s wing.
Gather as you wish to do,
But let me have my wake in the mourning.

VERSE 2 (Swamburger):
Auntie Fran, mother of 8, made of celestial eloquence, sister of seven Celetins... passed. Reminded me of Angela Davis, rocking a fro, believing in tomorrow for the sub sequential task. Raising a fist to risk changing a dish into another plate of vegetables and fish. Green apples, her favorite, native to the behavior fit for keeping it moving until the age of 46. Open casket. I'd rather not look, there's a certain vow that I took. Death is yours. I respect your tour of the flesh, with more than a funeral to adore all of you, without a ceremony to rep the fall of you. I wanna say that I enjoy you still, today, and will, in ways that society won't, cause it doesn't pay. Hey, it's ok! I know you better now. Thanks for allowing me to be awake in the mourning. Wow! It feels good. You know that it does.

Track Name: The 4th Wall
VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
As if we existed committed to the appeal of your mental note and reaction to a group submitting a question... "Who are you?" But, the answer was predicted too. You're the one whose gonna help me relay the news, that we the people, gathered to be living proof towards a value that will be discovered soon. The second album, "No More Heroes," introduces doom, as if you chose to live a life of gloom, despair, and regret... forgetting the outcome, while, in come depression. I'm guessing at this stage, a fourth wall was built to keep reality at a distance and overlook guilt. But, the guilt settled to reproduce a revolution. The motherland made a decision based off of truth, then, the value became a commodity searched by the youth... And that's cool, yet, the youth never got direction on how to be a leader, but, a clone to a fool. That's a cue. For those who know what to do, show your face every time you hear the song, cause to be real whenever you get cats in the frontline that don't move a muscle to feel you, something's wrong. But, we don't need an army, we need some free thinkers, a threat to the system, not a bunch of cheap drinkers. Believe a group exists to speak upon the movement happening, playing the role to break down the future past again.

Wall, wall, wall,
Break down to you,
How will it feel when you’ve gone?
How will it feel when you’ve gone the distance?

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Morning light reaches my eyes.
To wake could take all my dreamscapes away,
Right at the start of my day.
And I cannot hide.
Like an audience in plain view,
I know you see through
The scenery of music from a greedy place.
We offer space,
Like sunlight,
And I softly rise.

(Tonya Combs):
I probably speak a little bit more than I used to. I’m comfortable... I’m a little more comfortable with what I have to say than I used to be.
Track Name: The Listener's Reflection