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VERSE 1 (Swamburger):
Luck's up. Clue me this... How you feel about the obvious?
The passive appetite for knowledge fits I can tell when the clock strikes 12
you don't know what time it is. Who's house? 
Are you a constellation prize to a conglomerate 
Or do you make a point of facing limitation with a sky conduit?
You can use my coattails, I'm all in. 
Now, our troubles evolve past the watchmen 
Tower the talk and over power fault and lost men.
Choose a benefit, pick a syndicate, 
now let's march in unison to heaven and back
Fetch water from the clouds cause the ocean is black
Star child's the focus, we all kin.
Protect the youth fam, from all gen.
It ends with you, the show begins.

I can't take no more shit!!!

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah):
Children, you can come with me,
Listen. I’m on the side of your ninth level district and mission.
Got to get a little release, I see, mentally.
You’re close to the source,
It makes it look easy.
Do not listen to they who say, “You’re different.”
Do not listen to they who don’t intuit.
You are mighty, you are highly perceptive,
Keep steady when explaining your perspective.
Still the pool of mind; reflection.
Vigilance and love; direction.
Unified in stride; ascension.
Stay here, I’ll hold them,
You go the space between.
Your conception is a weapon
To their death machines.


VERSE 3 (Swamburger/Alexandrah):
Yeah ya right, you better believe in abundance.
Everybody grab a relative or something.
Tell em the age of the eagle is here, elemental evidence of another year.
Who wants free? The Calvary of a new generation of action begins.
Stay open minded. Determine the guidance of an alliance made of children.
Be it crystal, be it rainbow, be it indigo, be it star.... We know who you are!


from The 4th Wall (part 2), released January 11, 2014
(A. Brooks/A. Sarton/G. Valencia, Jr.)
Additional Guitar & Synth: Sean Kantrowitz



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